Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2019

Recently we've been looking at new trends which we'll be dabbling with at some of the weddings we have planned for 2019. Here's our Top 5 suggestions to watch out for; 


Of course we'll let you have bunting if you really want it, but not without a bit of a fight first! Ribbons are HUGE at the moment and we can't get enough of experimenting with them. Whether in material or paper, whether a huge cluster or as a shimmering curtain, these versatile strips are here to stay and can make the most astonishing backdrop to pretty much all themes.


Mustard has been massive in the world of interior design, usually paired with dark blues and teals. However, we hadn't predicted how popular a colour it would become in the world of weddings. Even in the height of Summer, mustard offers the perfect pop next to whites, ivories and even delicate pinks. 


From food being locally sourced, from flowers being locally grown, to ensuring guests arrive together on one solar panelled bus. There are endless ways you can make your wedding more friendly to the environment. We've been starting to collate a list of eco-friendly suppliers in Norfolk and London and will definitely be doing everything we can to make changes where we can this year. 

Pic:  Wildfolk Norwich  who specialise in organic, seasonal floristry.

Pic: Wildfolk Norwich who specialise in organic, seasonal floristry.


Gone are the days where a fruit cake with a little plastic couple stand on top is the norm. We'll be taking our inspiration from Don't Tell Charles and making the cake COUNT this year. 


With the rise of brides in suits, grooms girls and brides men there's no need to stick to tradition. We just love seeing the incredible designs coming forward for this exciting new wave in the gender revolution.