Our Process

Example from the TOWIE Diwali party



After discussing the brief with the Lime Pictures production team, we created a visual mood board of ideas, focusing on a vibrant colour palette directly inspired by Diwali festival celebrations we’d researched with rich golds, fabric drapes and decadent detailing.

We decided on draping fabric from the ceiling and onto the walls to add large areas of bold colour and texture, which would also reflect well with the lighting already in the space.

Due to a constraint of not being able to use real glass on set, we spray painted plastic cups using colours chosen from the mood board and hand decorating them with intricate patterns, reflecting the traditional style 



The lullaby team worked on one area at a time implementing all the details discussed in the initial consultation.

We worked directly from the mood boards to create the desired looks while photographing along the way to ensure compositions were working well and always moving around the venue to keep fresh eyes on what we were doing.


Thearte royal

Dipple & Conway

TOWIE Royal Wedding

Boo George

NUA SU Party

Beth’s 18th Birthday